About us

The history of AgriPartners

AgriPartners is a skillful Marketing & Sales office, located in the center of the Netherlands. Our team works at the crossroads of agriculture/production of natural raw materials and the high demands of the food industry.

Our goal is to build stability in quality, logistics, and if possible the price. We are successful because we believe in transparency and continuous improvement of our portfolio/partners. We choose our partners carefully and ensure they share our philosophy of providing high-quality ingredients at competitive prices.

Our range of ingredients is selected from a relatively small number of suppliers who have proven to be able to meet the high standards of the Food / Feed Industry. Our team has extensive knowledge of the market/products/quality/logistics – together with our partners, we have a network of specialists to serve our customers with the best service. The focus of AgriPartners is on “customer care”.

We are convinced that healthy food can only grow in a healthy natural environment with respect for the environment and farmers.

We think in solutions, each problem is a learning phase where both sides of the supply chain have the opportunity to improve it.

We are GMP+FSA certified for the animal feed industry.

Several partners are also Organic certified.

Our Principle

Our mission is to create a transparent/sustainable supply chain in the food-industry.