Brückner-Werke KG, Hamburg D.

Competence, Responsibility, Variety!
For more than 100 years, our activities have been focused on handling food responsibly. Because: Food is the basis for life. Air-dried or freeze-dried vegetables and herbs, as well as dried potatoes and fruit, form our core range. We get our natural raw materials from all over the world, mainly from suppliers with whom we have been working for many years.

The ingredients are cleaned, cut, mixed and packaged in our own facilities in Altendorf / Stadelhofen and Nortorf.

We also produce roasted and toasted products. We offer our customers a wide variety of processing methods.

Our commitment “to deliver the best quality” is a daily challenge and also the responsibility for all Brückner employees.

Potatoes: Regional & natural. Our air-dried potato products are excellent when it comes to quality and taste and are highly sought after in the industry.
There are a number of good reasons behind this success: As a result of long-term partnerships with regional producing companies, we already have an impact on production when it comes to planting crops. Along with the use of strictly prescribed pesticides and other specifications. From a smooth processing as part of individual drying and finishing, strict quality control and traceability, to what happens on the field, we have turned into a real potato specialist.

Our vegetables are air and freeze-dried.
We select, chop / cut, granulate and mix according to customer requirement. Therefore, aromatic vegetables can always exist either as a single product or as a mixture – according to the best Brückner quality, which is guaranteed by our production company.

AgriPartners represents Brückner-Werke KG in the BeNeLux

Our mission is to create a transparent/sustainable supply chain in the food-industry.