Cassia Co-op

50% of the world’s cinnamon production comes from Indonesia. The majority grows in a unique environment on the island of Sumatra, called Kerinci (Jambi province).

Cassia (Cinnamomum Burmanii Blume) is known for its high quality. The patchouli product (mainly used in the flavor/fragrance Industry) also comes from the same area and is used for intercropping.

The aim of Cassia Co-op is to create a sustainable supply chain for cinnamon and related products to generate added value for its affiliated/certified farmers and social partnerships on the island of Sumatra.

Build sustainable production by exporting cinnamon and patchouli oil from Indonesia.This with added value for farmers and ultimately our customers (the food industry). Creating a fair and efficient supply chain!

Cassia Co-op is a market leader in organic cinnamon from Sumatra with approximately 2,200 organically certified farmers.

AgriPartners represents Cassia Co-op NL & PT CassiaCo-op IDN in Europe.

Our mission is to create a transparent/sustainable supply chain in the food-industry.