Klenk GmbH & Co KG, Schwebheim D.

Klenk is a family business – in the third generation – specialized in botanical herbs and spices. We have been importing, exporting, and processing vegetable raw materials for more than 90 years.

We buy our products both locally and from all over the world (ginkgo from China, devil’s claw from Namibia, or sarsaparilla root from Mexico). Or what about peppermint or lemon balm, which is grown by local farmers. By maintaining close ties with our suppliers and direct purchase in the countries of origin, we are able to supply the best quality herbs, as well as very rare herbs.

Klenk has developed into one of the two largest suppliers of the 25,000 pharmacies in Germany and Europe, as well as the pharmaceutical industry. This proves that we are familiar with the quality of products and services.

Due to our wide product range of over 700 herbs, we are able to deliver diverse branches such as

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Extract manufacturer
  • Petfood manufacturer
  • Pharmacies/pharmaceutical wholesale
  • Tea and spice industry
  • Spirit industry

AgriPartners represents Klenk GmbH & Co KG in the BeNeLux

Our mission is to create a transparent/sustainable supply chain in the food-industry.